Every year in late February, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decides on their choice for the best featured-length films that were open in the prior calendar year. While the most anticipated award categories tend to be Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress, my focus is always on the nominees for Best Costume Design. Watching the glamorous celebrities grace the red carpet on Oscar night is just the start of something even bigger for me, the beginning of Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles’s annual display of the various film costumes. This year was no exception.

For two months or so, the costumes of the films nominated for best costume design that year along with those of other notable films of current and past years are on display for all to see. You know the best part of all? IT’S A FREE EXHIBIT! What’s even better than free? The fact that you can take photos within a couple feet of the costumes. These are actual costumes used in the production of the film! The lighting in the display gallery is generously lit to provide optimal image outcome so the “no flash photography” policy is not even a problem.

Currently, the costumes on display included Disney’s Cinderella, Crimson Peak, MacBeth,The Danish Girl, Brooklyn, , The Grand Budapest Hotel,Far from the Madding Crowd, Hateful Eight, Kingsman, and Mad Max: Fury Road (Winner of the 2016 Oscar for Best Costume Design) just to name a few. Since the exhibit is generally a feast for the eyes at a self-guided pace, attendees can choose to linger as long as they like. For those reasons, taking my children and husband is not at all a chore. This year, my husband and kids were pleasantly (and excitedly) surprised to see the costumes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens on display there. I have to admit, even though I adore period films and their costume details, the imaginative costume creations of science fiction films never cease to amaze me.

If you love going to the movies, this exhibit is a no brainer for you. The only catch is this display wraps up very shortly on April 30th, 2016. So, make your plans now to visit before it’s too late. Go to the FIDM Museum website to get directions to the gallery and hours of operation. You won’t regret making the trip. I have yet to be!

Crimson Peak Macbeth  Star Wars: The Force Awakens  Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation  Trumbo  Cinderella  Cinderella - Step  Kingsman  Brooklyn  Danish Girl

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