Rebecca Taylor arrives at her namesake store in Newport Beach’s Fashion Island on a sunny afternoon to the welcoming faces of her adoring admirers.  She graciously chatted with visitors about her work, her family, and even shared pictures of her dog, Chewbacca.  Most women sport designs from Taylor’s past collections or her newest La Vie line – confirmation of Rebecca’s relevance and relatability to the OC women.

Debuting to raved reviews at this year’s New York Fashion Week, La Vie consists of t-shirts, blouses, jeans, and jackets. Some are simple and classic, others more intricately fashioned with patchwork, combining multiple textures and fabrics.  Taylor works with her own print designer to create her signature and exclusive look for La Vie, ranging between $95 to $395.

Before heading off to catch her flight home to New York where her biggest fans, her three young children, await her return, Taylor takes time to chat with Anne Mack from Bask Magazine about her latest venture.


Congratulations on the successful launch of La Vie.  What prompted you to start the collection, separate from your already established brand.

Taylor:  Well, it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.  When Rebecca Taylor first started a long time ago, there were aspects of classic Rebecca Taylor like striped sweaters, Victorian blouses, cargo pants… quintessential pieces to how I dress.  Through the years, the Rebecca Taylor women evolved to be more polished and more occasion-driven.  I felt that it was time [for La Vie] seeing as how casually women are dressing now and how popular denim is becoming again.

I have always been a fan of Rebecca Taylor’s modern, romantic and feminine undertone in the collections, what characteristics can we come to expect from your La Vie collection?

Rebecca:  La Vie is designed to be true to its name [“Life” in French].  It’s for every day.  It’s for going to yoga, for picking up the kids from school, going on a date with your husband. It is clothes you live in.

What feelings do you hope to evoke in the women who wear this collection?

Rebecca:  So many women are critical of their own bodies and I want to tell women that “you’re amazing, you’re a woman, you’ve had babies, it’s normal”.  Women are so complicated when it comes to denim.  It’s probably the second most difficult thing to get women into next to swimsuits.  However, if I got a women into a pair of jeans, she’d buy it on the spot.  The look on their faces is like clothing Prozac.  They felt so good about themselves.  That’s my mission.


Interview published in Bask Magazine – Winter 2016

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