By Anne Mack

fabric steamerA suit is one of the most expensive garment in our closets but the care of it shouldn’t be.  Allow me to clue you in about the subject.  Suits should only need to be dry cleaned ONCE A YEAR or when there’s a stain that requires professional treatment.  The harsh process of dry cleaning is actually harmful to the suit fabric and could ruin its original shape.  Steaming is the ideal way to maintain the appearance of most garments.  The hot steam not only relaxes garment fabrics and works out wrinkles, it also sanitizes and removes odor.  A great plus to steaming is that it uses no chemicals, just heat and water.

While steaming is far less time consuming than dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, it does take some time.  Should you wear a suit to work on a daily basis, I suggest that you hang up your pants and suit jacket using properly supported hangers then leave them hanging somewhere in the bathroom that is close to your shower and won’t get the garment wet.  The steam in your shower may not be as hot but as a steamer but it will do the trick.  Just be sure to not leave your suit hanging there for days.  You’ll run the risk of getting mold in the fabric if it never has a chance to get dry.

Jiffy Steamer

While a $200 steamer may sounds expensive, the cost is easily justifiable when you consider the offsetting savings on dry cleaning.  Jiffy and Rowenta are excellent steamer brands that I have used in the past.  If you’ve never used a steamer, be careful to not burn yourself in the process.  Refer to instructions that comes with the steamer and look at instructional videos such as the one at to get acquainted with the process.

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