The colorful and intricate knits of Missoni is second to none. This summer, the Fashion & Textile Museum of London has collaborated with the Italian fashion house to put on the exhibit of Missoni Art Colour.  The exhibit not only showcases signature pieces created over the last 60 years by the renowned designers, audiences are also able to gain further understanding of the inspiration behind Missoni’s graphics.  Works from various artists who inspired Ottavio and Rosita Missoni are exhibited throughout the gallery for our viewing pleasure.  For most fashion lovers, a favorite part of the exhibit is getting up close and personal with the fashion pieces; seeing the texture, the dimensions, and the patterns created using nothing more than yarn is simply mesmerizing.  A bonus in this exhibit is seeing the large wall hangings that Ottavio Missoni made with knitted patchwork in the 1970’s.  Though Octavio felt that the patchwork is a natural extension of his craft, it offers a little more insight into his passion beyond his fashion works. In short, it was an enlightening and inspirational exhibit well worth the visit out of city center.

IMG_4108[1]  IMG_4062[1] IMG_4058[1]

IMG_4057[1]  Dimensions

IMG_4087[1]  IMG_4086[1]


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