Short ShortsI believe I have a pretty open mind about most things.  There is, however, one fashion movement that I’ve never brought myself to endorse which is the ultra short shorts.

Jessica Simpson Daisy DukesI’m not talking about the Daisy Dukes because I actually think those are rather sexy and still leaves enough to the imagination.   What I’m referring to are the ones that shows the buttocks below the hemline.  Call me “old-fashioned” but I believe that high of a hemline only has a place by the beach or pool.  I don’t know if it’s lack of self-awareness/mirror or over self-confidence, but this is just begging for unsavory attention from both males and females.  I know Daisy Duke made this popular for us but her shorts were at least an inch longer than what I’m seeing out there.  Ladies, let’s add some class back in and a couple inches to the hemline, shall we?



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